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Sunday, 7 August 2016

A trip to Pulau Kukup and Tg Piai...

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep..." - Robert Frost

(The mangrove jungle, peaceful and quiet)

After our program Amal in Pontian, we decided to explore some attractions in Pontian and decided to visit the Kukup National Park and Tanjung Piai.

Pulau Kukup is one the largest uninhabited mangroves in the world. It is also the only one situated in Johor waters. Today, Pulau Kukup has received international recognition as the island has been granted the status of a 'Wetland of International Importance' (RAMSAR site) by the Geneva-based Ramsar Convention Bureau.

A local folklore tells a tale of Pulau Kukup, an abode for five celestial princesses. One day, one of the princess fell in love with a sailor and they eloped. A curse was set upon the island of Kukup and it was submerged by sea. The island later resurfaced, but it was covered in mangroves. Many have tried to settle on this island, but without success. Some say this is because the island is inhabited by spirits.

Pulau Kukup is today the home of countless species of wildlife. Among these are the playful monkeys, the quiet mudskipper or the nosy wild boars.

(The gang boarding a ferry to Kukup National Park)

(Kelong Fish Farm with varieties of fish to choose)
(A home-stay on the old floating fishing village)
(Arriving at Kukup Island jetty)
(Tickets to enter and explore the National Park)
(Pulau Kukup is shaped like a palm with 6 fingers!)
(The jetty with basic amenities)
(A group photo at Kukup National Park)
(A place to rest and relax, tranquil and serene)
(The pathway leading to the entrance to the National Park)
(An island of Mangroves and mudflats)
(Protected as a National Park under the Johor State Park Corporation) 
(Pulau Kukup is one of the biggest inhabited mangrove sites)
(Declared as a RAMSAR site in 2003)
(One of the many mangrove species) 
(There are various species of wildlife too)
(The many small resting huts in the mangrove jungle)
(A well-maintained pathway into the mangrove jungle)
(Ready to board the ferry back to the mainland)
(Happy faces on board!) 
(A famous Kukup Seafood Restaurant on stilts)
(Ready to go to our next destination)

Our next destination is Tanjung Piai situated at a cape in Pontian District, Johor. Tanjung Piai is one of the five Ramsar sites in Malaysia. Tanjung Piai is also an important nature site in Johor, being the 3rd designated park of Johor National Park Corporation. Tanjung Piai has high socio-economic value for fisheries. The site also has high ecotourism potential, attracting many visitors.

Located on the southernmost tip of mainland Asia, the skyline of Singapore is visible across the Johor Strait from the point. It features resorts and seafood restaurants, perched on wooden jetties that are surrounded by a rugged and rarefied coastline of unspoiled mangrove forests.

Under the Ramsar Convention, the government and relevant stakeholders have an obligation to ensure the mangrove ecosystem and its values are maintained. Erosion at the site needs to be minimized to safeguard the ecological integrity of the mangrove ecosystem. The root causes of the erosion need to be eliminated or reduced.

It is also an important habitat for migratory and resident birds. These include the IUCN-listed vulnerable species, such as the Lesser Adjutant Stork. It is part of the Important Bird Area of southwest Johor, which extends from Parit Jawa to Tanjung Piai. The southwest Johor mangroves are ecologically important as a natural barrier for protecting the inland villages and agricultural lands from storm events, including tsunamis.

(Tg Piai is the southernmost point of Peninsular Malaysia)
(Tg Piai Resort and seafood restaurant on Stilts)
(A good place for fishing enthusiasts too)
(A 15-metre light tower which flashes once every 3 seconds)

After our trip to Pulau Kukup and Tanjung Piai we checked-in Kukup Golf resort and spent the night relaxing and unwinding in one of the 54 villas there.

(A golf resort amidst mangrove, shrubs and palm fronds)
(Checking in for the night)

Charity Program in Johor...

“You will not attain righteousness till you spend in charity of the things you love...” - The Quran 3:92

(Rumah Sungai at Kg Sri Dungun, Pontian)

Alhamdulillah, we had completed our 6th Charity Program for the poor and needy.

Twenty four of us from the class of DAHP 74/78 participated in the charity program in Johore. Most of us arrived in Pontian on Saturday and stayed in Pontian Garden Hotel. On Saturday night we gathered at Hj Mansor's house who volunteered to lead the program and had a simple kenduri and majlis doa selamat.

From the fund collected from our classmates, we bought 2-month grocery provisions worth RM300 to be delivered to ten recipients around Pontian area. Each recipient would also receive RM300 in cash.
(A group photo at Hj. Mansor's house)
(Packed 2 months provision for the needy)
(Provisions ready for delivery)
(Strong and mighty 4x4 for the job)
(Pakcik Haron, the frst recipient at his rented house)
(2nd recipient, bedridden for many years)
(3rd recipient, a stroke patient, out of job)
(4th recipient, a single parent, living alone)
(5th recipient, reciting doa for the group)
(6th recipient with tears of gratefulness for the donation)
(7th recipient, living on a Rumah Sungai)
(8th recipeint, another Rumah Sungai)
(9th recipient, a single mother with small children)
(10th recipient, Makcik Saadiah living alone in a flat)

We have planned to carry out our charity programs twice a year, insya-Allah. Our good deeds might be small and invisible, but hopefully they will leave a trail that is printed on the hearts of others.

(A group photo at Kg. Sri Dungun)
(Asam pedas lunch at Restoran Tiang Cokelat, Pontian)

Friday, 29 July 2016

The UFO has landed...

"Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely..."

(MITEC new building, seen from Sri Putramas 22nd floor)

Since we moved into our Bidara House we make a point to spend at least a night in a week at our Sri Putramas apartment.

From the 22nd floor of our apartment we have been following the development of the The new Matrade Exhibition and Convention Centre. The new convention centre has the shape of a rubber seed and will be linked to the existing Menara Matrade.

The MITEC is expected to be completed by the middle of 2016. But now it is already August and they are still working hard around the clock.

(The beautiful sunset from our bedroom)

Silent Sunset

Sunset is a pretty thing, 
so bathed in mystery,
And yet it is the saddest thing, 
when drenched with memory,

Sodden sunset soak the tears,
That fall so endlessly,
Silent sunset take my hand, 
and bring me down with thee...

(Rowan Darcy)

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Still bearing fruits...

"Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms..."

(Old durian trees)
(A good harvest)

The durian season is in full swing.

Two weeks ago when hubby visited our kebun in Sungai Rambai the fruits were still unripe and gave no indication of dropping. But since last week, they have started harvesting. The harvest it quite bountiful so we shared some with siblings and relatives in our kampung.

These few days, I am going to indulge in durian feast.Contrary to popular belief, durian is not harmful to our health. In fact, this king of fruits has good monounsaturated fats that can actually lower cholesterol levels and moderate high blood pressure.

Regardless, durian must be consumed with moderation as it is also high in calories and carbohydrates.

(D168 or IOI, delicious and sweet...)