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I am married to my loving husband for more than 38 years now. I am a mother to 3 beautiful children, until 11 years ago when I lost my youngest son. Since then my life is forever altered but yet unbroken....

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

I'm not perfect...

"I am not perfect, Neither are you. We have to make allowances for the things that we do..."

If I make a mistake
and do something wrong
I'll admit my error
I need to be strong.

I will not hide
or say it isn't so
I will not blame others
From my mistakes I do.

Please make this allowance
for my misspoken words
Or things I have done wrong
please forgive and forget.

(Author unknown)

I have not met her before nor have I heard about her. But when she called yesterday, I felt her anxiety. I am not comfortable talking over the phone as the team was in my room discussing on the tender details.

So today I agreed to meet her. She came over to my work place after office and we went for a drink at the café. We talked till it was dark and we continued talking after the Magrib prayer. For whatever reasons, I sensed she wants to confide in me and has someone to share her distress and sorrow.

I hope that within that short span of time, I was able to make her feel better…

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

4x4 off-roading to Endau-Rompin National Park...

“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings...”
(Testing the blackfoot on a wooden bridge)

The past few days were really lousy. I was feeling miserable. I was in no mood to talk. I was in no mood to go anywhere on Chinese New Year. When hubby suggested that we drive to Endau-Rompin I was reluctant to go at first. But I obliged as I need to get rid of this rotten frame of mind.

(Icy cold water in a calm shallow stream)

We started from home after solat Asar. Stopped at Mc D Sungai besi for a late lunch. We took the hi-way direct to Yong Peng and turned back to spend a night at Hotel Sri Pelangi in Segamat. The hotel was ok, good enough a place to rest our tired bodies and minds. We slept early, snuggled closely, setting the alarm for an early start tomorrow.
(Driving on an uncharted road)

Next morning after breakfast we headed to Labis and entered the Endau-Rompin National Park through Bekok. The journey into the heart of the lush and still un-touched jungle was interesting, passing through a few orang asli dwellings at Kg Kudung, Kg Tamok, Kg Kemidah and Kg Selai. From there we crossed a river over a make-shift bridge. We were lucky that the tract was dry, during the wet seasons the route could be very challenging and treacherous. Due to the condition of the track, one can only enter by using 4 wheel drive vehicles to reach Lubuk Merekek, the camping site or Lubuk Tapah where there are chalets with basic amenities.

(Taking a rest enjoying fresh air)

We stayed a while to enjoy the pristine views. There are three beautiful waterfalls but all not within easy reach. The nearest is Takah Pandan, a spectacular site for water abseiling activity. Next harder to reach waterfalls are Takah Beringin and Takah Tinggi. We trekked a short distance through the undergrowth, covered by the canopy of towering trees and drenched in perspiration. And had a chance in experiencing the little leeches feasting on the veins on our feet.

The streams are clean but we noticed the after effect of the recent flooding to the surrounding areas. A lot of soil and debris were washed into the streams and some parts are still murky. Hopefully, the soil will stabilise soon and allow the surrounding undergrowth to regenerate.

After a day in the Endau Rompin park, I was recharged and my mood revived...

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Thinking of you...

A card from a friend on 14 Feb 2007...

Today is Valentine's Day
Another day to trudge thru’
But it’s such a perfect time
To think of you…

p.s. Thank you for the lovely fruit basket. I am thinking of you too…

Friday, 2 February 2007

Good-bye Big Foot...

"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” - Jawaharial Nehru

(Toyota Hi-Lux)

I love outdoor activities since I was young.

I joined the scouts, played hockey for my school, go hiking and camping whenever I had the chance. When I got married my outdoor activities were limited only to camping and mountain climbing. Later when the children grew up, we indulged in biking and 4WD expeditions. I am lucky hubby and children shared the same hobby. We trained our kids from small and used to bring them to go camping and jungle trekking expeditions since they were toddlers.

In the late 90’s we bought our Bigfoot, a recon double-cab Toyota Hi-Lux pick-up and joined the Asian Adventure club to go for the 4x4 expeditions. The Hi-Lux was modified with winches, bull bars and anti-roll bars for better maneuvering in the jungle and had gone through the very worst of hard-core expeditions. It had traveled up the mountain and down the ravine and had never failed to serve us well at the most difficult of terrains.

Until recently, we decided to sell it off. I nearly shed a tear, for I hate to depart with that rugged pick-up.

For a replacement, we bought a new Ford Ranger, the Black Foot. Although brand new and stylish, the feel is not the same feel of muscularity comfort of the old Hi-Lux. And for a start, last weekend we went to Berkelah Waterfalls to test drive the new pick-up and again on Hari Wilayah, we went to Taman Negara for another joy ride.

(Ford Ranger Extreme)

Hopefully, the Black Foot is ideal on the road as well as on extreme off-road conditions and has the traction power to match the old Bigfoot….

Thursday, 1 February 2007

4x4 to Taman Negara, Pahang...

“May all your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view, where something strange and more beautiful and more full of wonder than your deepest dreams waits for you...” - Edward Abbey

(Sara and her abah trying to fish)
(A good well-maintained wooden pathway)
(Huge buttress root of a tree)
(Chalets with complete amenities)
(Lubuk Simpon, calm and serene)
(Full of ferns and fungus)