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Sunday, 30 October 2011

4x4 trip to Tasik Kenyir...

Comin' out of nowhere drivin' like rain
Stormbringer dance on the thunder again
Dark cloud gathering breaking the day
No point running 'cause it's coming your way...

Tasik Kenyir is one of the most magnificent tourist spot located in the district of Hulu Terengganu. It is believed that the rain forest is the world oldest tropical rainforest and serves as a part of Malaysia National Parks.

(The largest man-made lake in SEA)
(Timber chalets of traditional Malay houses)
(House Boat accommodation @ RM1,500 per package)
(Speed boat for hire @ RM60 per hour)

Tasik Kenyir is the largest man-made lake in the South East Asia sharing its border with Kelantan in the west and Pahang in the south. The lake covers 260 km² and contains 340 small islands, which were once hilltops and highlands, more than 14 waterfalls, numerous rapids and rivers.

There are individual timber chalets that blend with its natural and cultural surroundings. This setting provides unique natural landscapes, creating a serene and idyllic environment to calm and refresh the soul. Or one may opt to stay a night or two on the boat house complete with amenities.

(To Cameron Highlands via old Gua Musang road)
(Look out for wild elephants...)
(Late lunch @ Hotel Equatorial Coffee House)

Total Mileage: 1,350 km
Route taken: KL - Jabur - Al Muktafi Billah Shah - Tasik Kenyir - Gua Musang - Lojing - Cameron Highlands - Sg Koyan - Raub - Bentong - KL

Monday, 24 October 2011

4x4 trip - Mee udang Kuala Sepetang...

"The truth may hurt a little, but a lie hurts forever..."

Last weekend, on the way back to KL we detoured to Kuala Sepetang, formerly known as Port Weld, a coastal town and the main jumping-off point to the river mouth Chinese fishing community of Kuala Sangga.

(Mangrove swamp reserve park)

Kuala Sepetang is also well known for its mangrove swamp reserve park which is open to the public daily. It has a boardwalk built over the swamp for tourists, and chalets for rent on the riverfront.

(The famous prawn noodle restaurant)

We had our teh tarik and mee udang at the famous Restoran Mak Jah. The mee udang tasted good. But I have tasted better mee udang else where...

(Early dinner @ Kuala Sepetang)

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Perak 4x4 Jamboree 2011…

"I may faced with some kind of adversity or misfortune, but I will not continue to be stuck in the same rut..."

(A 3-day 4x4 Jamboree)

It was raining quite heavily when we passed through the 4x4 Jamboree site in Kemunting. It was interesting to watch an event that brought together 4x4 enthusiasts from throughout the country to interact and show off their vehicles, skills and passion. There were 2 categories of people attending the Jamboree, the tourers like us and those who came to participate in the Special Skills challenge.

(4x4 vehicles waiting in line for the SS...)
(A long wait in the rain...)

We stayed for a while to watch a few 4x4 vehicles showing off their skills. It was raining cats and dogs, but that didn’t hinder their enthusiast to complete the challenge. They were there not just for the prizes and trophies, but most of all, for the fun of mudding.

(A special skill needed to get out of the deep mud...)

We plan to equip our blackfoot with a monster set of off road tyres and wheels and take up the special skill challenge, one day....

4x4 to Lata Tebing Tinggi and Lata Puteh…

"Life is like a waterfall: beautiful, alive, and majestic..."

(Serene and isolated...)

On Saturday we drove our 4x4 passed Kuala Kangsar through Lenggong and crossed the Bintang Range bordering Perak and Kedah. This remote range has several known waterfalls and probably many more, which are yet unexplored. An old road crosses the range below Ulu Jerneh and two well-known waterfalls can be accessed from this state road.

(Small signage of the river)
(Beautiful view from the top of the bridge...)

Lata Tebing Tinggi is located between Lenggong and Batu Kurau in Ulu Perak. It is approximately 10 minutes away from Pekan Rantau Panjang. The waterfall can be seen from the road side and flows directly under the high road bridge.

(View of the waterfall from under the bridge)
(Easy to access trail...)

Visitors would be fascinated with the surrounding natural scenery and the cool crystal clear water. They said the place used to be crowded especially on weekends but to our surprise it was deserted when we arrived. And we had the whole place to ourselves.

(Taking a dip in our private pool...)

A few hundred metres up the road is Lata Puteh. This waterfall is the 3rd highest waterfall in South-East Asia and is also popular with the locals. But no trail could be seen from where we parked. It is easy access to the base of the falls but to go to the top is quite challenging. One has to go across the water catchment and treatment area to scale the rocky steep slope.

(Another beautiful waterfalls a few meters away...)
(Lata Puteh is 3rd highest in SEA)

Total mileage: 650 km
Route taken: KL - Kuala Kangsar - Lenggong - Batu Kurau - 
Taiping - Kuala Sepetang - KL

Monday, 17 October 2011

I am crocheting again...

"Idle hands make the devil's workshops…"

I have been spending my weekdays in Melaka and many months slipped through the cracks in the pavement without me noticing.

While I have been doing nothing during my free time, in between taking care of my emak, my mind had become idle and numb too. They said a person who doesn't have something particular to occupy himself will be tempted to occupy himself with evil thoughts.

So I have started to do something to occupy my time. I am into crocheting again.

(Some books we bought @ Big Bad Wolf book fair)
(Trying to make a table cloth from memory...)

Crocheting may not be a fad now but it was one of my hobbies years ago. And I know the world is full of people like me, whose notion for a satisfactory present is, in fact, a return to our idealized past.

Monday, 10 October 2011

4x4 first attempt to Lata Berembun...

"In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail..."

Last weekend we went for an off-roading day trip to a few waterfalls around Raub area. Our first destination was Lata Berembun located 38 km from Raub. It is accessible only by 4x4 from Kg Baru Sg Klau through dusuns, rubber, palm oil and cocoa plantations. It is located halfway up the slopes of Gunung Benom.

Our first attempt to climb the steep road to Berembun Waterfalls was unsuccesful as our 4x4  all-terrain tyres were not suitable for the rough and deep ruts and ravines. On the way to the waterfalls we met with a few hard-core 4x4 vehicles carrying passengers for a small fee.

We later drove to a nearby Lata Jarum and had our nasi lemak lunch there. We took a dip and stayed a while and started packing when it was starting to rain heavily. The sky was bright and clear later in the afternoon when we took the Raub winding route to Fraser's Hill. We had dinner at the food court before we drove leisurely home.

(Starting of a rough journey, we managed to cover only 6km of the trail)
(A few 4x4 ferrying passengers to the waterfalls...)
(Our blackfoot looks tame compared to the hardcore 4x4...)
(At Lata Jarum, another beautiful waterfalls)
(Taking a dip in the icy cold water...)
(Watching from far...)
(Stopped for dinner at Fraser's Hill...)

Total mileage: 370 km
Route taken: KL - Raub - Sg Klau - Frazer's Hill - Ulu Yam - KL

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Riding to Kuala Perlis...

"We can't change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails to always reach our destination...."

(Having seafood dinner at the water front)

Wander - Thirst

Beyond the east the sunrise; Beyond the west the sea
And East and West the Wander-Thirst that will not let me be;
It works in me like madness to bid me say goodbye,
For the seas call, and the stars call, and oh! The call of the sky!

I know not where the white road runs, nor what the blue hills are,
But a man can have the sun for friend, and for his guide, a star;
And there's no end to voyaging when once the voice is heard,
For the rivers call, and the road calls, and oh! The call of a bird!

Yonder the long horizon lies, and there by night and day
The old ships draw to home again, the young ships sail away
And come I may, but go I must, and if men ask you why,
You may put the blame on the stars and the sun,
And the white road and the sky.

(By Gerald Gould)

(Spending a night at one cozy boutique hotel)
(The new floating mosque @ Kuala Perlis)
(Resting after a long haul...)

Total mileage: 1110 km
Route taken: PLUS Highway KL - Perlis - KL