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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Dream Travel...

“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars…” - Ralph Waldo


Close your eyes, let us voyage now.
Travel with me, I’ll show you how.
Take my hand, you’re no longer blind.
Travel in dreams, open your mind.

An orange glow, over the sea.
Let your mind drift and follow me.
Be amazed at things you will find.
Travel in dreams, open your mind.

(Amera Andersen)

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Restless again...

"Sometimes the things you can't change, end up changing you..."

(Ticket from Rome to Genoa...)

Last week when I announced that I will be taking a long leave, I saw a few disappointed worried faces. They have planned a few important meetings and briefings, which they have to proceed without my presence.

Everyone is nervous and anxious. Starting Monday, drafts of memos, reports came filing high in the in-tray. They have till end of week to get them cleared and signed. This whole week, lunch hours and after office will be dedicated for those who need to discuss matters urgently.

This morning when Nik Aminah called to plan a get together to celebrate Senator Ubai’s victory, I told her that I will be away for almost 3 weeks. When asked, I told her that our hearts have become restless and it's time for us to travel again…

On a long journey,
we pray that
we traveled more bravely,
And loved more deeply.

My Travelogue: munmus.blogspot.com

Friday, 8 February 2008

CNY Unplanned 4x4 Trip...

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” - Martin Buber

Trengganu – Pahang – Johor
(7 – 8 February 2008)

(Massive traffic jam along the route...)

We started from home late morning and drove towards Karak hi-way. There was a massive traffic jam from Gombak to the tol plaza. Surprisingly, the hi-way to Kuantan was smooth. We planned to stay the night at a hotel or chalet along the beach but all rooms were fully booked. As it was an unplanned trip, we did not bring our sleeping bags if not we would have pitched the tent at some waterfalls or recreation park.

(Panatai Kelulut rough sea)

We drove to Kuala Trengganu and when we stopped at Pantai Kelulut for photo shots, we were greeted by a large crowd at the beach. A few boats and Police Marine were patrolling and searching the beach. We were informed later that 3 men drowned while looking for crabs in the rough sea.

(The floating mosque at night)

We thought of visiting the Islamic Civilisation Park at Pulau Wan Man but decided not to. The Sultan is launching the opening of the Crystal Mosque before Friday prayer and there will be throngs of visitors from all over visiting the island. Next time when there is less tourist, we will have a leisurely stroll on the island and visit replicas of world renowned Islamic monuments like the Al Aqsa Mosque, Taj Mahal, Al Hambra, Kaylan Tower, Kudus Minar, Samarra Mosque, Sulayman Complex, Shaikh Lotfullah, Xian Mosque, Qol Sharif and Qairawan.

(Bad  road to Bekelah waterfalls)

After dinner at KT and a short rest at Masjid Terapung we headed back to Kuantan. In the middle of the night, feeling tired and sleepy, we stopped at one of the secluded R&R and slept in the car till morning. After a refreshing shower and a hearty breakfast we drove to Bekelah Waterfalls and found that most parts of the road had sunken and needed urgent repairs.

(Serene and tranquil Tasik Chini)

We continued our journey towards Tasek Chini and stayed there for a while. From Chini we braved the plantation tracks. Then took the lumber tracks through ruts and ravines and looked for the exit at Bukit Ibam.

(A beautiful blue lake)

There were no houses along the route. Except for a few orang asli settlements, the 4x4 track cut across the main range virgin jungle. With some navigation from a few friendly orang asli we managed to find civilization again after 3 hours of solo tracking.

We had a very late lunch in Segamat, stopped at one small water falls before we entered the North-South hi-way and drove back towards Kuala Lumpur.