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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Santapan Di Raja Ride...

"Good instincts tell you what to do long before your head had figured it out..." - Michael Burke

(Murtabak Mengkasar and Puding diRaja)

On Sunday morning, ten bikes gathered in front of McDonalds Senawang. We started riding around 8:30 am towards Kuala Kelawang for breakfast at Restaurant Fatimah. They served hot spicy paru goreng and sambal udang to eat with either roti canai or nasi lemak. Their karipap pusing is crispy and delicious too.

(Meeting place in Senawang)
(Riding in a disciplined convoy)

After breakfast we rode the curvy road towards Temerloh passing through Spg Pertang, Spg Durian, Karak and entered the LPT highway and stopped at the Temerloh R&R for ikan patin lunch. After we performed our prayers and refueled, we exited the highway and rode towards Pekan where we visited the famous Murtabak Mengkasar stall. It was good to plan our arrival as this stall only opens from 3:30 pm onward.

(Having breakfast in Kuala Klawang)
(Refuelling and a short rest)

Murtabak Mengkasar served at Pak Din’s stall in Pekan is with a history of the royal origin and still is among the favorite dishes of the Sultan of Pahang. Tajuddin Abdul Hamid is the owner of the famous stall in Pekan and he is in the murtabak business since the 80's. There are two other Murtabak Mengkasar branches in Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan and a few more are opening soon. It is said that this murtabak uses 20 kinds of spices that have medicinal properties including cinnamon, cloves and black pepper.

(Taking the trunk road, some under repair)
(Passing through Karak and Temerloh)

Another favorite dish of the King's palace is Pudding Pahang or Puding Di Raja. The dessert was once a royal food and not sold anywhere. The dish consists of jala emas, sweet fried bananas, cherries, prunes and nuts and eaten with a sweet custard sauce. We have to pre-order the dish a few days before our trip to Pekan.

(Bandar di Raja Pekan)

It was already late afternoon when we started riding back towards Seremban taking the trunk road to Bandar Muadzam, Serting, Palong and stopped at a Mesjid in Jempol for Magrib prayers. We rode on and stopped for a light dinner of lempeng kelapa, lempeng pisang and cucur udang at Restaurant Umai in Senawang.

After dinner, some stayed back for supper and teh tarik, the rest rode back on the PLUS highway towards KL. We rode leisurely and reached our apartment way after midnight.

Route taken: KL -Senawang - Kuala Klawang - Spg Pertang - Spg Durian - Karak - LPT highway - Gambang - Pekan - Bandar Muadzam - Serting - Palong - Jempol - Kuala Pilah - Senawang - KL
Total mileage: 645 km
Bikers gang: Mus/Mun, Hj Wan/Aida, Hayami/Siti, Syawal, Syanaz, Wahi, Shahrul, Fazley and 3 others

Friday, 21 February 2014

A night to celebrate...

"Good things come to those who wait. But better things come to those who work for it..."

(Fine dining at Victoria Station)

(Sara and her mum)

Tonight we had a family dinner at Victoria Station.

This was to celebrate Sara’s promotion and Alia’s belated 2nd birthday. Sara’s promotion has led her to be transferred back to Kuala Lumpur. Sara is now attached to the Hospital Besar and she and Alia will be staying in the Putramas Apartment.

For now, Fitri, Sara and Alia will only be together on weekends. Hopefully this arrangement is only temporary....

(Alia and her dad)

(Amir and his dad)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Lunch with a YB and dinner with a celebrity...

"You can't base your life on other people's expectations..." - Stevie Wonder

(Lunch with YB Ubaidah)

YB Ubai and I planned to visit Bee’s sick son, Amir and ailing hubby this morning. Our plan was dashed when Bee told us that Amir is not home. We changed plan and decided to have lunch at KL Sentral. At first Bee agreed to join us but at last minute she messaged with a load of excuses and a plea for forgiveness.

(Dinner with Rizuan, Hafiz, Halim and Mus)

And tonight, five ex-ITM friends met for a TTS at Ali Corner at Section 20 Shah Alam. Our social occasion has been a regular affair, gathering whoever is around town at that time.

Although many could not make it, we enjoyed what little time we could spare to meet with some of our old friends.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Jasin Hot Spring...

"Step through new doors. The majority of the time there's something fantastic on the other side..." 

Tonight we visited Jasin Hot Spring, another popular hot water spring in Melaka.

This hot spring is located in Bemban about 45 minutes from Melaka town. The hot water spring contains minerals that have healing effects especially for skin diseases.

There is a separate pool for females only and also a cold water pool. There is also a mini water playground for children. Visitors are briefed about the right methods of bathing and dipping in hot pools to optimize the healing effect.

The admission fee is Rm5 per person and it is open from 9:00 am to midnight.

(Foot bath in the hotter pool)

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Steamed Patin Ride

"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself..."

(Bukit Kepong Historical Ride)

Route taken: KL - Melaka - Jasin - Tangkak - Durian Chondong - Bukit Kepong - Pagoh - KL
Total mileage: 500km
Bikers gang: Mus/Mun, Syawal, Sham, Shahrul and Wahi

(Having mee bodoh breakfast at Tengkera)

The bikers gang met at the petrol station after the Senawang Toll Plaza. We rode to Melaka and exited at Ayer Keroh and rode direct to have mee bodoh breakfast at Hassan Mee Goreng stall in Kampung Lapan, Tengkera.

The stall opens from 8:00 am to 11:00 am or until the noodle is finished. The stall closes on Friday. However, you are advised to come early because it is usually packed with people and the parking place is hard to find.

Mee Bodoh is a Malay traditional fried noodle. It is called as such because the noodle is prepared using basic ingredients. One of the specialties of this noodle is eating it with eggs fried in sambal oil which makes the fried eggs look red and delicious. Most people love this noodle because of the taste of the sambal. You can add more sambal, vinegar, soy sauce and sliced cucumbers to your mee goreng to make it more tasty.

The price for this noodle is RM1.50 per plate. The price for the fried egg is RM0.70 for one egg but you have to queue to order the fried eggs.

(Riding the trunk road from Melaka to Durian Chondong)
(Off-roading for a short distance through palm oil plantations)
From Melaka we rode the trunk road to Durian Chondong passing through Jasin and Tangkak. Our winding ride passed through many rubber and oil palm plantations with the panoramic view of Gunung Besar range towards the south and Gunung Ledang range towards the north.

Before Kampung Durian Chondong, we took a side road and went for a short off-roading ride into the palm oil plantation before we reached the secluded Ikan Patin Restaurant situated by the banks of Muar River. We were served with steamed and baked ikan patin, crispy fried calamari, crispy fried small fish and vegetables.

After a filling lunch and a short rest, we performed our prayers before we started riding to Bukit Kepong to visit the historical sites there.

(Arriving at the secluded Restaurant Patin Pais)
(Strategically situated by the Muar River)
(Steamed Patin with taucu and crispy fried calamari)

Bukit Kepong Incident was an armed encounter which took place in February 1950 between the Federation of Malaya Police and the Malayan Communist Party during the Malayan Emergency. This conflict took place in an area surrounding the Bukit Kepong police station in Bukit Kepong. The wooden station was located on the river banks of the Muar River, about 60 km from Muar.

We visited the graves of the fallen warrior and recited al-Fatihah for them. The Police Station has been reconstructed and the new Muzeum were still under construction but visitors could still enter the sites and visit one of the exhibition halls.

(Visiting the graves of the brave policemen and family)
(The muzeum is still under renovation)
(The exhibition hall and signing the visitors book)

Monday, 3 February 2014

Riding off the beaten path...

"You will be surprised to know how far you can go from the point where you thought it was the end..."

Route taken: KL - Semenyih - Kuala Kelawang - Bandar Baru Serting - Bandar Muazzam - Leban Chondong - Pekan - Chenor - Karak - KL
Total Mileage: 650 km
Bikers gang: Mus/Mun, Munawar/Rose, Fazli/Koes, Din/Yati, Chon, Syed, Azim and Am

(The bikers gang and KTM shadow on the road)
(Riding at a safe distance from each other)
(Signages to the right route)
(Passing through a few Felda Plantations)
(Udang galah lunch at Leban Chondong)
(Riding the coastal road towards Pekan)
(Taking the scenic road towards Chenor)
(Bad road conditions at certain parts of the route)
(Beware of major road works and cracks on the road)
(Better road condition ahead)
(Passing by lakes and rivers)
(A small road leading to Chenor)
(Stopping to ask for directions)
(Testing our off-roading skills)
(Riding off the beaten tracks)
(Unpaved road leading to nowhere)
(Stopped for rest at the end of the road)
(Decided to turn back and look for civilization)
(Riding home towards the sunset)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Koh Lipe Sunrise Sunset Ride...

"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine..." - Ralf Waldo Emerson

(Crystal clear water of Koh Lipe)

The bikers gang spent the Chinese New Year holidays in Koh Lipe, a small island in the Southern part of the Andaman Sea. It is located in Satun Province, close to Langkawi Island, about 60 km from the mainland. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and is a part of the Tarutao National Marine Park and world renowned for its diving and snorkeling.

(The long-tail boats)

Date: 30 Jan  - 1 Feb 2014
Route take: KL - Padang Besar - Pak Bara - Koh Lipe - Hatyai - Bkt Kayu Hitam - KL
Total mileage: 1500 km
Bikers gang: Mus/Mun, Munawar/Ros, Rodzi/Norizan, SM/Faridah, Hj Samsudin/Illa, Syawal, Taufik, Zali, Syed and Rahim

My Travel Reflections: Koh Lipe Ride