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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Penang Weekend Trip...

“Travel for the young is a part of education, for the old, a part of experience....” -Francis Bacon

(T-shirts for souvenirs...)

We left Sidah"s wedding reception early to send YB Ubai to KL Sentral. We then drove direct towards the north and stopped at Jawi Golf Club. Sara and Fitri had checked-out and were waiting for us with baby Alia having a slight tantrum because of fever and cough.

We reached Penang island quite late. After we checked in Hotel Seri Malaysia we drove to Padang Kota to have Pasembor and sotong bakar for dinner and later drove towards Batu Ferringhi. Batu Ferringhi doesn’t really have any historical attractions within its vicinity aside from the beach and the daily night market.

(A scorching hot day, in front of Komtar...)

The next day we went to Chow Rasta Market to buy some colorful preserved fruits and later walked along the old shops selling souvenirs, locally made products, and unique handcrafts. These shops have been there for over a hundred years - generations have taken over the family business till today.

(Colorful preserved fruits...)
(Murals on the wall...)

After checking out, on the way back to KL, we stopped at Queensbay Mall and had lunch at TGIF. The Mall is the largest shopping centre in Penang, minutes away from the Penang Bridge.

(Elephant sanctuary @ Queensbay Mall...)

Wedding Reception in INTEKMA...

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing...” - Helen Keller

(The first to arrive...)
(With YB Ubai enjoying delicious food spread...)
(With Sidah, the groom's mother...)
(Simple and elegant setting in one of the hall...)

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Phuket - Our first 1,000 km/day ride…

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow…” - Lin Yutang

(Getting ready to ride home...)

It was the longest ride per day that we had ever taken and we are glad we did this ride. It was challenging but made fun and relaxing with the company of good disciplined fellow riders….

(A group photo in front of Boomerang Inn, Phuket...)
(Born to be wild...)

Date: 22 -24 June 2012
Total mileage: 2,060 km
Route taken: KL - Spg Pulai - Wang Klian - Pak Bara - Krabi - Phuket - Bkt Kayu Hitam - KL
Bikers gang: Mus, Mun, Din, Yati, Chon, Zali, Shanaz, Taufik, Rozlan, Hakim + 7 other superbikers

My Travelogue: Phuket Santai Ride

Sunday, 17 June 2012

I failed my stress test...

“Life is 10 percent what you make it, and 90 percent how you take it...” - Irving Berlin

I have not planned to die today.

When I was younger, I had trouble donating blood and just weren't able to as I was always anemic until lately it has been a yearly affair.

We woke up late so we didn't have breakfast this morning. At noon, I just had a glass of water before we drove to Ampang to attend a friend’s wedding reception for his son. As usual, I had light lunch. On the way home, we detoured to Pusat Darah Negara to donate blood. For me, it has been a year since and hubby has made it a habit to come every 6 months.

Today I was interviewed by a young lady doctor and she was quite worried for me when she learned that I just had my full medical check-up and failed my stress test. And for today she advised me to donate 350cc, 100cc less than I normally would. I felt perfectly all right at first but half way through the process I felt my blood pressure fell and felt the tingling of my extremities. I felt like fainting and I swear it wasn't psychological.


After 10 minutes rest, a glass of milo and a few cupcakes, we drove home. I was feeling alright until when we were in the elevator I nearly caused panic to everyone in the lift. I literally dozed off while leaning against my hubby.

The next time I donate blood, I’ll make sure that I am fit, drink lots of water and eat a full meal. If I take those precautions and pass out again, I would call it quits. At least I tried.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Happy Father's Day...

"Be kind to thy father, for when thou wert young,
Who loved thee so fondly as he?
He caught the first accents that fell from thy tongue,
And joined in thy innocent glee."
- Margaret Courtney

(Delicious carrot cake...)
(A man is growing old when he begins to look like his father...)

Today we celebrated Father's Day at Bukit Beruntung with all of the family. The theme was Euro 2012 and  we had lots of fun painting our faces with our favorite team flags. There were abundance of food to eat and later we feasted on durian kampung.

(Cool mummies...)
(Special poses from the girls...)
(Greece Vs Denmark...)
(Too good to resist...)

Monday, 11 June 2012

Riding to Istana Seri Menanti...

"Life is one long insane trip. Some people just have better directions" - Donnie Darko

(First stop for ikan patin lunch @ Temerloh...)

Last weekend we went riding towards Kuantan, stopped for ikan patin lunch in Temerloh and ended spending the night at a small hotel in Telok Cempedak located just 5 km from Kuantan.

(Beautiful pristine beach...)

Its enclosed bay is suitable for activities such as swimming, surfing, sun-bathing, sailing, and jet skiing. When we were there, the red flag was flying high indicating rough water conditions but there was still a lot of people swimming and playing water sport activities, regardless.

(A mile of walkway to another beach...)

Along the beach-lined pine trees, there are benches and areas for picnics or merely just for people to sit around enjoying the view. The walkway north of Teluk Cempedak leads for about a kilometer over the rocky terrain to reach Teluk Pelindung, a private bay away from the more bustling Teluk Cempedak. Families have their own private picnics there, and going for dips in the waters.

(At the entrance of the palace...)

Sunday morning we rode to Pekan, took the route along Sungai Pahang to Bandar Muadzam Shah. We had lunch at the R&R then headed towards Bahau and detoured to Seri Menanti to visit the famous Istana Menanti.

(The main entrance is closed...)

Istana Seri Menanti is located in the royal town of Seri Menanti in Negeri Sembilan. The old palace is also known as the Istana Lama Seri Menanti, one of the famous landmarks in Malaysia. It is a timber palace constructed between 1902 to 1908. Today, the palace has been turned into a royal museum.

(Standing strong and still majestic...)

This four-storey building is special because it was constructed without using any nails. It has 99 posts including four posts which were 67 feet long. Hardwood rods were used to piece the timber together. The roof of this palace represents a buffalo's horns which are widely regarded as the protective symbol of the palace.

From Seri Menanti we rode towards Seremban and took the LEKAS highway to KL

Total mileage: 650 km
Route taken: KL - Kuantan - Pekan - Bandar Muadzam Shah - Bahau - Seri Menanti - Seremban - KL

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Crochet project: Granny's Squares...

“Nothing really works unless you would rather be doing something else...” - Sir James Barrie 

(4"x4" colourful granny squares)
(12"x12" bright cushion covers)
(12"x12" black and grey cushions for the bedroom)