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Sunday, 22 January 2012

4x4 camping trip to Sg Lembing...

"If you expect the worst, you'll never be disappointed..."

(Our 4x4 Ford Ranger...)
(Final checks at Sg. Lembing town...)

Heavy rain over a few days had caused Sungai Lembing town to be cut off from Kuantan since beginning of the week. A few locations were flooded and some stretches along Jalan Kuantan-Sungai Lembing were impassable to all vehicles.

(5 rivers and 5 creeks crossings...)
(Keeping a safe distance...)
(Handling steep and rough terrain...)

Towards end of the week, the weather changed to the better and the route was again accessible. So on the long CNY weekend, with 7 other vehicles we went for a 4x4 camping trip to Gunung Tapis Nature Park in Sungai Lembing. 

(Dark sky when we arrived at camp site...)
(Setting up tents in the heavy rain...)
(Ample space at the camp site...)

Sungai Lembing is 42 km northwest of Kuantan, was once the richest town in Pahang known as El Dorado of the East. Until the 1970s, Sungai Lembing was a major producer of underground tin.

(Unique tents on top of the 4x4 vehicles...)
(Our beds for 2 nights...)

The pit mines were closed in 1986 due to high operational costs and low yields, but during their heyday they were among the largest and deepest in the world. The total tunnel length is 322 km, with a depth of between 610 m and 700 m. A museum highlighting the tin mining industry is housed in an old bungalow once used by the mine manager. The museum houses a collection of mining artifacts.

(Taking a dip in the cool, clear stream...)
(Ready to drive back...)

The town straddles the Sungai Kuantan, and the main street on the right bank is split by an avenue of majestic trees. This serene town is almost deserted nowadays. At the end of the main road, an old wooden building overlooks the field where social activities were held. Nearby is Bukit Panorama, which is a popular place to watch the beautiful sunrise. It takes about an hour to reach the summit.

(First batch to leave the camp site...)
(Group photo before the tyres rolled...)

The 4x4 gang crossed Sungai Kuantan and drove the rough terrain 16 km from Sungai Lembing into the Gunung Tapis Nature Park, where we set up camps for two nights. During the day, some went fishing or hiking, and the more daring and fit would shoot the rapids or hiked to Gunung Tapis, 1,512 m high.

(CNY traffic on the wet Karak highway...)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mountain to mountain ride...

"Nothing is yours permanently so you better enjoy it while it's happening..."

(Bharat tea plantation, Cameron Highlands)
(Getting ready for the ride...)
(CNY deco @ Awana reception area...)
(Sumptuous lamb chops @ Awana Genting...)
(Strawberry flavoured tea and hot scones @ Cameron Highlands...)
(Hot Chili Crispy Siakap @ Dapur Siam, Tg Malim...)
(Gathering of bikers & family...)

Total Mileage: 490 km
Route taken: KL - Awana Genting - Sg Koyan - Tanah Rata -Tg Malim - KL

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Life different chapters...

"Life has many different chapters . One bad chapter doesn't mean it's the end of the book..."

(Old SIC boys deep in discussion...)

Nik Arif and Hamidah were in KL. And it was time for another get together for the gang. Some brought spouses and children. There were also TKC girls and we managed to rope in a few SIC juniors too.

(Old TKC girls exchanging life stories...)

I didn't expect a large crowd and the high-tea was too short for any elaborate story tellings. But what little I gathered was enough to suggest that these friends of mine are well and happy...

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year...

"All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way..." - Leo Tolstoy
Who's that guy with the funny head-gear?
Our families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts.... 

It was the last day of 2011, and it was our turn to host the family gathering. As there was going to be a big crowd, we decided to do it at our Bidara House. It was a 'pot-luck' party and there was abundance of food and fruits to eat.

I bade goodbye to 2011 and welcome a brand new year with a tinge of sadness. I made no New Year resolutions. Even the habit of making simple plans and scheduling my time is too much of a daily event for me. I wish 2012 will be a better year.

And may Allah continue to bless us with inner strength and overflowing abundance of not only in wealth but in health, love and happiness... Amin.