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Thursday, 31 March 2011

My Hajj and Umrah rites…

“When I get toward the end of my life, I want to look back and see that I’ve lived not only the length of it, but the width of it as well…”

Looking at the amount of time and money spent on my travel each year, a lot of people, especially close friends asked me a typical, mocking question:

"Kau gi jalan round dunia ni tak simpan duit sikit untuk buat haji ke atau umrah ke? Kalau duit lebih tu sedekah le pada parents ke … adik beradik ke… anak-anak ke.. kekawan ke... bla bla bla… he he he…”

Hubby and I usually will just smile and ignore those remarks. Our parents, siblings and kids know us better to pass judgments...

When we started working in early 80s, we opened a deposit account with Tabung Haji. A small monthly salary deduction was a heavy burden to our pockets. Then, with our general degree our meager salary was barely sufficient to pay for house rental, car loan and utilities. Eating out on Saturday nights was a luxury treat for the kids…

Over the years with each yearly increment, we increased our deposits. Over 5 years our tabung haji deposits were enough for us to perform the Hajj. It didn’t take us long to decide. In 1991 we registered and in 1992 we were offered to join the muasasah group.

In May 1992, we severed all ties with our family and home and started our journey for the Hajj Pilgrimage. Leaving our small kids behind, my late youngest son, Mirza was 7 then. We performed the various duties of the pilgrim at all stages of the Hajj and completed the fifth and last of the Rukun Islam. Alhamdulillah… In front of the Ka’abah we prayed for Allah to endow us with wealth and health, for us to be able to visit the holy lands again.

In November 1994, we brought our 3 kids, my Mak and Abah and my MIL to perform the Umrah and after the Umrah we stopped over in Amman, Jordan for a 3-day ziarah.

In December 1996, joining a big group, together with our 3 kids we went to perform our Umrah again. This time we transited in Istanbul, Turkey for a 3-day ziarah.

In December 1998, together with the kids, my parents and MIL we went for ziarah in Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt. Over there we were accompanied by my nephew, Abu Dzar, who was then studying in Al-Azhar U and was our tour guide. We then flew to Madinah and later we entered Makkah on the first day of Ramadhan.

In November 2000, only the two of us went to perform the Umrah during the last week of Ramadhan. After the Umrah, when we reached KL, we had already completed 30 days of fasting and celebrated the Eid-Fitri. People in Malaysia were still fasting then.

In September 2002, together with another 2 couples we went to perform the Umrah. On the way back to KL our flight was stranded in Sana’a, Yemen and we were made to stay for 3 days before the next flight. The 6 of us enjoyed our stay so much. And all expenses were paid for!

In September 2004, we joined a group of a dozen people to perform the Umrah. After the Umrah the two of us transited in Dubai for a 4-day holiday. There, we met with my nephew, Nor Azhar, a Captain with the Etihad Airways.

In September 2006, Sara, my parents and MIL, my two sisters, Zai and Amah joined us for another Umrah trip. We transited at Dubai and spent three nights in my nephew’s place in Abu Dhabi.

In July 2008, we brought Sara, Iwan, Ella and my besan Normah for another Umrah trip and we transitted in Dubai and stayed a few nights in Abu Dhabi.

We have always planned to perform our Umrah every other year and Alhamdulillah, Allah has granted us our wishes. It’s time to go again so in December 2010, we registered to go for another Umrah trip but to our disappointment the Saudi stopped issuing the ziarah visas until early 2011.

So in April 2011 together with Sara and Fitri, we will be going for our Umrah trip via Amman, Jerusalem and Damascus.


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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hana outing day...

"Why in childhood we wish time to pass quickly, grow up fast - yet as adults we wish the opposite?"

(Cepat lah... tak sabar nak gi jalan-jalan ni)
(Mana kereta tak sampai-sampai ni...)
(Waaaa.... tak mau naik moto....)
(Aaahh lega... dapat naik kereta)
(Penat nya... tak larat nak jalan dah)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Riding to Colmar Tropicale...

"One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak..." - G.K. Chesterton

It is sunny and bright. So today we are going for a day-trip riding up the winding road to Colmar Tropicale and Genting Highlands. Unlike the road to Genting Highlands, the road to Colmar tropicale is practically deserted and heaven for bikers.

The Colmar Tropicale is a unique resort that sits 2,700 feet above sea-level. The hill resort is inspired by the 16th Century Colmar Village in Alsace, France, with beautiful architecture and historically-designed landmarks.

(The front facade of the main entrance)
(The main square)
(Boutique cafes and bistros)
(Knights in shining armour)
(Beautiful blooms along the pathways)
(Graceful white swan swimming in the moat)
(Japanese Tea House a short distance away)

Total mileage: 162 km
Route taken: KL - Colemar Tropicale - Genting Highlands - KL (Via old Gombak road)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

He is eligible no more…

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated..."

Congratulations to Col. Abdul and wife and wishing both of you everything good in the years to come.

(With Bee with Col Abdul and his lovely wife)

Love is a dream shared by two
Marriage is the joy of dream comes true
Start your married life together hand in hand,
May all the things turn out the way you've planned…

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Riding up the mountain and down the valley...

"Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail..."

(A 4-star resort at the peak of Gunung Jerai)
(Cozy chalets with modern facilities)

The weekend may be fraught with small annoyances at first, but it turned out to be mostly fabulous.

(Panoramic view of Kedah Peak at the height of 1,217m)
(Sumptuous lunch treat @ Puncak Kedah Restaurant) 

It was sunny and bright when we started riding. We met up with Iwan, Ella and Hana at Baskin Robbins, Tapah R&R. They were going to Penang for the weekend. We were heading further north to Gunung Jerai and Lembah Bujang to explore some historical sites.

(Visiting ancient geological landmarks)
(Jungle trekking through the red paper-barked trees)

The weather for the next few days was gloomy, cloudy and heavy showers in the evenings but there's no need to be overly worried. Rain or shine, we just need to relax and enjoy the journey.

(Padang Tok Sheikh with its mystical tales)
(Unique stone formation at Batu Shaff)
(Archaeological remains of Hindu-Buddhist settlements @ Lembah Bujang)
One of the many Tomb Temples or Candi @ Lembah Bujang)

Total mileage:  900 km
Route taken: KL - Sg Petani - Gurun - Gunung Jerai - Sg Petani - Lembah Bujang - KL

Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Angels came…

"Five years ago today, the Angels came and took you away…"

Mirza Ashran (1985 - 2006)

No words I write could ever say
How sad and empty I feel today
A thousand words won't bring you back
Neither will a thousand tears
So rest in peace now my dear
All memories of you forever near…

(@ Gunung Jerai)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Riding the country road...

We ventured the quiet country road,
And rode down its first few miles,
The things we saw as we trudged on,
Caused us to slow down and smile…

(Resting at Kg Orang Asli Kedaik, Rompin)

Sunbeam filters through branches
Glorious canopy spills patches of light
Cool breeze flutters through lush leaves
Our inner spirit unleashed by nature’s delight….

(Lake view near Air Terjun Tekala)

The smiles on these weary faces
Chased away the tired and restless frowns,
It brought back sweet recollections
Long forgotten and gone…

(A serene casuarina beach @ Nenasi)

Until the narrow road has disappeared
From all records but memory,
And we wished this country road
Could tell its own story…

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Babies don’t lie…

"People lie, it was as simple as that…"

Some like to lie for the effect it had; others lie without knowing it, in order to protect themselves from scrutiny; still others lie to themselves.

I was meaning to cut my hair since early of the year but I kept postponing until today. Although I was having a slight fever and a bad cold, I arranged with a friend to meet at her hair salon late afternoon in Bangsar. I had no regret to have nearly 10 inches of my tresses cut to shoulder length but there was a tinge of sadness to see the length gone in seconds as it took me more than a year to have my hair grown to waist length.

When asked for their opinion, the hair stylist and my friend told me that I look better in my new hair style. When I reached home, dear hubby was hesitant to comment on my new look. But I was surprised when baby Hana, my grand-daughter, looked at me and said “mbak cantik…’

(Baby Hana - in need of a hair cut too...)

She really made my day and I was smiling happy throughout the night.