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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Babysitting the rascals...

"A child's laugh could simply be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world..." 

(My cheeky grandchildren, Amir and Hana)

There’s nothing like grandkids to keep grandma and grandpa active and joyful!

Iwan and Ella were in London for a holiday. For a week we stayed in Iwan's Mandy Villa house to babysit our two grandkids, Hana and Amir. As there were also public holidays during the week, Hana attended school only for two days and the rest of the week we brought them with us anywhere we went. We had no problem babysitting the both of them as they were well behaved and cheerful all the time. I am missing my other two grandkids in JB and would find time to visit them before our next overseas trip in March.

A recent study shows that spending a moderate amount of time with grandkids may actually prevent Alzheimer’s disease... ha ha...

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