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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Umrah Trip: Mosques Visited...

"Our life's path is revealed to us by spiritual guideposts. They mark and lead us to our soul's ultimate purpose..." - Randi G Fine 

Umrah Trip
(11 - 21 March 2017)

(Masjid Airport Madinah)
(Masjid Nabawi Madinah)
(Masjid Quba' Madinah)
(Masjid Jabal Uhud, Madinah)
(Masjid Qiblatain, Madinah)
(Masjid Bir Ali, Dzul Hulaifah)
(Masjidil Haram, Makkah)
(Masjid Saidatina Aishah, Tannaem)
(Masjid Ja'aranah)
(Masjid Wadi Mehrim)
(Masjid Al-Hada)
(Masjid Al-Madhoon or Al-Qantara, Taif)
(Masjid Al-Koe or Masjid Siku, Taif)
(Masjid Addas, Taif)
(Masjid Abdullah Ibn Abbas, Taif)
(Masjid As-Syafa, Taif)
(Masjid Qarnil-Manazil)
(Masjid Hudaibiah)
(Masjid Qishas, Jeddah)
(Masjid Al-Rahmah, Jeddah)

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