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Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Stakeholders Management...

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see...” - Ayn Rand

I left the apartment very early and arrived at the Human Resource Development Centre at Jalan University at 8.00 a.m. Went straight to the nasi Lemak Warung and joined Zul from Internal Audit Department for a plate of nasi lemak sotong and a big glass of teh tarik. Haji Zainal and Boniar joined us later.

Today, five officers from my department attended a workshop on Stakeholders Management. The resource person was Dr. Catherine Chandler-Crichlow from Toronto International Leadership Associates Inc. The session was interesting with a lot of interactions, presentations and role-plays. None of us escaped the drills and it was fun. The workshop stimulates thought that drives action on dealing with interests, needs and concerns.

At the end of the day all of us were all exhausted.

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