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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Pahang: Udang Galah lunch at Leban Chondong...

"Young riders pick a destination and go... Old riders pick a direction and go..."

(A rendezvous at Leban Chondong)

Today from JB we rode back to KL and decided to take the road to Mersing and rode towards Rompin. We planned to meet with Ayami and Siti around noon at the famous Udang Galah restaurant in Leban Chondong.

(Arriving in Mersing town)
(A brief stop at the Kompleks Niaga Penghulu Mohd Aris)
(Fishing boats at the muara)

It was already passed noon when we reached Leban Chondong. Ayami and Siti arrived around the same time. We had a sumptuous lunch with the many dishes of udang galah. We performed our prayers at the surau before we started riding back to KL via Kuala Pilah and Kuala Klawang.

We arrived at our Bidara House just before dusk.

(Udang galah restaurants at Leban Chondong , Rompin)
(A hearty lunch of fresh udang galah)

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