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Saturday 19 February 2022

Makam Pahlawan Mat Kilau, Pahang

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot…” – Michael Altshuler
(The makam is very well maintained)

GPS: 3.882171,102.420478
03°52′55.82″N 102°25′13.72″E

A short drive from Masjid Lama Pulau Tawar we came to a Muslim Cemetery in Kampung Kedondong where Mat Kilau was buried.

(Tanah Perkuburan Islam Kg Kedondong)
(A short drive from Kg Pulau Tawar)
(Ample parking space by the roadside)
(We used a side entrance to the mausoleum)
(A brief history of Mat Kilau)
(Old graves in the cemetery lot)

Mat Kilau was born in 1865/1866 in Kampung Masjid Pulau Tawar, Jerantut, Pahang during the reign of Sultan Ahmad Al-Muadzam Shah. His full name is Mat Kilau bin Imam Rasu @ Tok Gajah. His mother was Mahda, the daughter of Tok Kaut Burau. Mat Kilau is good at reciting the quran, berzanji and berzikir maulud as well as learning berzikir rebana. Mat Kilau's hobby is to play spinning tops and always the champion in his village.

(The makam is situated in the far corner)
(A nice tiled wall surrounding the tombs)
(A simple monument for a warrior)
(Paying our respect, Al-fatihah)

When he was about 20 years old, Mat Kilau married a girl named Yang Chik binti Imam Daud from Kampung Kedondong and was blessed with three children.

Mat Kilau is one of the famous Malay warriors who fought against the British colonialists in Pahang. He died on 16 August 1970 at the age of 104 years old, two weeks after he came out from hiding and declared himself as Mat Kilau.

(The tomb of Mat Kilau)
(He was once known as Mat Siam)
(A broken signage)
(Peaceful and quiet)

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